The Manifesting Formula

with Christine Rizzo

In this podcast, I break down the Formula in detail so you can easily understand why manifesting works for some and not for others. Weekly, I give tips, and secrets that you can carry out into your every day, so you can start using your energy to attract the life you have always wanted. Start at Episode 1, there is a lot of value in each episode, that you wont want to miss the truth behind manifesting. Listening weekly you will feel inspired, empowered and you will learn to step into your power by listening to your intuition. It's time to know your truth, about how powerful you really are, so you can start manifesting the shit out of everything you have ever wanted & turn that vision board of yours into your reality.

Love, Sex & Energy

with Caro Szabo

Everything is ENERGY and that's all there is to it! Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality! It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics. I am Caro (from Caroline, pronounced Caroleeen in French). I am the happy vibes of a lovely French-Italian-Tunisian-Jewish mix! I am a powerful attractor because, without sounding arrogant, I can honestly say that I understand energies like no one else. And in this podcast “Love Sex & Energy”, I teach it all to you in a warm, sexy and liberated way! My goal with this free content is to help you become the ENERGY of LOVE, so that you can attract only the things and the people you want and need in your life. I have a very healthy and fun relationship to pleasure, and it is in a free spirited, no taboo way that I help you connect to your SEXUAL DESIRE like never before! By following my advice and receiving my energy through my voice and my words, you will reach levels of life-force aliveness, in ways that no matter how young or old you are, you will feel good health, vitality, and true beauty come and glow from within you! So if you are ready for my elixir of youth, come and listen! And don’t forget to share, like and review! Merci beaucoup ♥️